Police officers (except commissioned) (NOC 4311)

High demand occupation

About this job

This group includes military police and railway police.

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Police officers:

  • protect the public, detect and prevent crime and perform other activities directed at maintaining law and order
  • work for municipal and federal governments, some provincial and regional governments and the armed forces
Common job titles
  • investigator, CSIS
  • police detective / investigator
  • police investigator
  • police officer, mounted / motorcycle patrol
  • police officer, railway
  • police officer, RCMP
  • investigator, CSIS
  • police detective / investigator
  • police investigator
  • police officer, canine team
  • police officer, community relations
  • police officer, desk / duty officer


Police officers:

  • patrol assigned areas to maintain public safety and order and to enforce laws and regulations
  • investigate crimes and accidents, secure evidence, interview witnesses, compile notes and reports and provide testimony in courts of law
  • arrest criminal suspects
  • provide emergency assistance to victims of accidents, crimes and natural disasters
  • participate in crime prevention, public information and safety programs
  • may supervise and coordinate the work of other police officers

Work environment

Key aspects of the work in this occupation:

  • Work takes place in an indoor setting, as well as outdoors where workers can be exposed to various weather conditions.
  • Working in crime prevention may be dangerous with potential sources of injury.
  • Workers may spend their shifts in patrol cars and at crime and accident scenes.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Progression to commissioned police officer positions is possible with additional training and experience.

Additional resources