Actors and comedians (NOC 5135)

About this job

Actors and comedians:

  • perform roles in motion picture, television, theatre and radio productions to entertain a variety of audiences
  • work for motion picture, television, theatre and other production companies
  • This unit group includes acting teachers employed by private acting schools.
Common job titles
  • acting teacher - private or studio
  • actor / actress - movie / TV / stage
  • actor / actress - voice-over, narrator
  • coach, diction / drama / voice
  • comedian / comic / storyteller
  • dramatic reader


Actors and comedians:

  • study and rehearse lines, gestures and expressions to interpret a role
  • play roles in video or motion picture productions, television shows, theatre productions, radio dramas, commercials and other productions or perform the narration
  • sing or dance as required by specific roles
  • perform comedy acts in nightclubs alone or as members of comedy troupes
  • improvise a role

Acting teachers:

  • train students in interpretation of scripts, speech, movement and dramatic theory
  • prepare acting students for specific auditions and performances

Work environment

Key aspects of the work in this occupation:

  • Work takes place in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings that include various weather and temperature conditions.
  • Workplaces may include hazardous locations or stunt work that pose safety risks.
  • Noise in the workplace may affect hearing.

Career paths and resources

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