Airline ticket and service agents (NOC 6523)

About this job

Airline sales and service agents:

  • issue tickets and provide fare quotations
  • make reservations and do passenger check-in
  • trace missing baggage
  • arrange for cargo shipments
  • perform other related customer service duties to help airline passengers
  • work for airline companies

Load planners, who plan the positioning of cargo on aircraft, are also included in this group.

Common job titles
  • agent, airline - commissary
  • agent, airline baggage tracing / cargo
  • agent, airline certified load control
  • agent, airline passenger service
  • agent, airline reservations
  • agent, counter services


Airline passenger and ticket agents:

  • help customers plan travel time and routes
  • prepare and issue tickets
  • assign seats, prepare boarding passes and check baggage
  • work at boarding gates
  • assist pre-boarding passengers
  • provide information on fares and flight schedules and routes

Airline baggage agents:

  • trace lost, delayed or misdirected baggage for customers

Airline cargo agents:

  • weigh cargo and compute freight costs
  • calculate charges for services and insurance
  • process freight bills, cargo manifests and other documents
  • trace lost or misdirected cargo and maintain shipping and other records

Airline reservation agents:

  • reserve seats for tour companies, travel agencies, wholesalers and the general public using computerized systems
  • provide information on airline passengers
  • process mileage points

Airline station agents:

  • complete pre-flight documents relating to passenger and cargo load, catering count, special requests and other flight information
  • relay operational messages to operations control and downline stations
  • also perform duties of ticket, baggage and cargo agents

Airline load planners:

  • calculate load weights for compartments of aircraft using charts and computers
  • plan load to distribute and balance cargo

Work environment

Key aspects of work in this occupation:

  • Work takes place in a travel office or airport.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

Depending on the size of the airline or airport, the duties of workers in this unit group may overlap.

Additional resources

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