Boilermakers (NOC 7234)

About this job

People in this occupation:

  • make, assemble, put up, test, maintain and repair boilers, vessels, tanks, towers, heat exchangers and other heavy-metal structures.
  • work for boiler fabrication, manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction, electric power generation and similar industrial establishments
Common job titles
  • boiler fitter / installer / repairer
  • boilermaker, construction / industrial
  • boilermaker, marine / pressure vessel
  • erection and repair boilermaker
  • fabricator, pressure vessel
  • journeyman / journeywoman boilermaker



  • read blueprints or specifications to plan the order of operation
  • lay out plate, sheet steel or other heavy metal and mark bending and cutting lines on work piece using protractors, compasses and drawing instruments or templates
  • set up and operate heavy-metal working machines such as brakes, rolls, shears, flame cutters and drill presses to cut, shape and form metal into parts or sections
  • fit and weld metal parts or sections together to make boilers, vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, piping and other heavy-metal products
  • erect and install boilers and other heavy-metal products according to specifications using hand and power tools
  • repair and do maintenance work on boilers and other heavy-metal products
  • direct activities of hoist or crane operators and other workers during production, assembly, installation or repair of structures
  • test finished structures using a variety of methods

Special duties

Boilermakers may specialize in rigging and hoisting, preparation and layout, or welding aspects of the trade.

Work environment

Key aspects of the work in this occupation:

  • Work usually takes place in factory environments.
  • Working with equipment, machinery or power/hand tools may be a source of injury.
  • Workers may be exposed to fumes, and intense light and heat, so safety precautions are taken.
  • The workplace may be noisy, which could affect hearing.
  • Work locations may also be hazardous.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Red Seal trade certification allows for movement between provinces.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

Additional resources