Logging and forestry labourers (NOC 8616)

About this job

Logging and forestry labourers:

  • attach choker cables to logs
  • plant trees
  • clear brush
  • spray chemicals
  • clean up landing areas
  • assist other workers in woodlands operations.
  • work for logging companies and contractors.
Common job titles
  • boom worker - logging / mill pond
  • cable hooker - logging
  • choke setter - logging
  • log driver / rider / river driver
  • pondman / pondwoman
  • sprayer - logging and forestry


Logging and forestry labourers:

  • assist other workers at logging sites
  • attach chokers or cables to felled trees for yarding
  • plant trees using manual tools
  • spray herbicides from the ground using manual spraying equipment
  • clear trails through woodlands using chain saws
  • clean up landing areas at logging sites

Work environment

Workers in this group work outdoors and are subject to a variety of weather conditions. Work environments can be challenging since conditions often include loud machinery, unstable ground and steep slopes. Hazards such as trees falling and cables snapping are also present. All work sites make safety the number one priority and follow strict safety regulations to reduce risks of such hazards.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

There is movement among jobs in this group.

Progression to other positions, such as silviculture and forestry worker, chain saw and skidder operator or logging machinery operator, is possible with experience.

Additional resources

Additional resources are not currently available for this career.