Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers and related workers (NOC 9462)

About this job

Workers in this group:

  • prepare meat and poultry for further processing, for packaging or for marketing
  • work in meat and poultry slaughtering, processing and packing establishments
Common job titles
  • air knife meat cutter - meat packing plant
  • animal stunner / skinner / eviscerator
  • beef boner / cooler / sticker / trimmer
  • benchman / benchwoman - meat packing plant
  • chuck cap puller - meat packing plant
  • cutter, brisket / ham


Industrial butchers

  • slaughter livestock using stunning devices and knives
  • skin, clean and trim carcasses
  • remove viscera and other inedible parts from carcasses
  • split carcasses into smaller portions for handling
  • may slaughter cattle, calves and sheep as set out by religious laws

Industrial meat cutters

  • cut beef, lamb, pork or veal carcasses or sides or quarters of carcasses into primal cuts for further cutting, processing or packaging
  • remove bones from meat
  • cut meat and poultry into specific cuts for institutional, commercial or other wholesale use

Poultry preparers

  • slaughter poultry and remove inedible parts
  • remove feathers and singe and wash poultry to prepare for further processing or packaging


  • remove skin, excess fat, bruises or other blemishes from carcasses or meat portions

Work environment

Key aspects of the work in this occupation:

  • Work takes place in a regular controlled indoor environment.
  • Workers may be exposed to infectious bacteria and viruses when handling meat and poultry.
  • Working with equipment, instruments, machinery or power/hand tools can be a source of injury.
  • Workers may be exposed to airborne particles such as feathers in the work environment.
  • The workplace may be noisy enough to cause distraction or hearing loss.
  • Workers may be exposed to strong or toxic odours.
  • Work involves contact with water.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

Industrial meat cutters may progress to inspecting, testing and grading jobs.

Additional resources

Additional resources are not currently available for this career.