Mature workers

As a mature worker, you can take advantage of the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers. Or you can use the advice and services that WorkBC Centres offer.

Targeted Initiative for Older Workers

The Targeted Initiative for Older Workers (TIOW) helps unemployed workers aged 55 to 64 return to work. In B.C., the program gives priority to workers not receiving Employment Insurance benefits and to those displaced by industry downsizing or closures. Programs may provide:
  • employment counselling
  • job-finding clubs
  • resume and interview techniques
  • training allowance
  • vocational and learning assessments
  • skills upgrading
  • work experience placements
  • placement assistance and wage subsidies
  • preparation for self-employment
  • after-program mentoring and support
To find out if there is a TIOW program in your area, see the list of program locations and contacts.
If you are a mature worker and need help in your job search, call or visit your local WorkBC Employment Services Centre. Use our interactive map to find a WorkBC Centre in your area.

Finding Work as a Mature Worker

Mature workers may look for employment for many reasons – you may want to start a new career, decide to work after retiring or face job loss late in your career. Use these tips to make the experience a positive one.
  • Prepare yourself to look for work. Identify your marketable skills and abilities, and update your skills so that you can offer what employers are looking for. Consider additional education or training if necessary. Think about alternatives like self-employment, part-time or contract work.
  • Learn effective job search techniques. Use WorkBC to learn about jobs in demand and to do your job search. Use your personal networks and social media connections to make contacts and get referrals. Bring your resume up to date and research how to prepare for online or in-person interviews.
  • Market yourself. Put your experience to work. Be positive and develop ways to show prospective employers how your skills and experience can help them and their business. Do some practice interviews so that you can sell yourself in a positive, confident and contemporary way.
 For more information, check out the job search services and career advice at Canada’s Job Bank.

Success Stories

Discover inspiring success stories about older Canadians who found support to change careers, find a job or start a business.