Veterans & serving military members

Are you a member or veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces? Are you looking to transition from military service to civilian work? Discover resources that can help you.

  • Resources for Military Career Transition – The Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada are working together to help you transition to a civilian life. From understanding transition and the military release process to building your next career, take advantage of a range of services and resources.
  • Job Search for Veterans – Those who’ve served in the Canadian Armed Forces are well known for their teamwork and leadership. These skills are in high demand in Canada’s job market. If you’re a veteran wanting to start a new career, check out the federal job bank site. You can sign up for the job match function to be automatically matched to job postings. You can also subscribe to job alerts to be notified of new job postings targeted to veterans.
  • Business Resources for Canadian Service Veterans – The transition phase to civilian life may be difficult for a veteran. It can be challenging to go from a regimented, structured and routine life to a more unpredictable one. Small Business BC lists a multitude of programs and resources to help you make the move to business, entrepreneurship and civilian life.
  • Canadian Veteran Business Directory – Prince’s Trust Canada – Operation Entrepreneur offers a comprehensive online business directory dedicated to promoting veteran-owned businesses. You can search by province or territory and industry sector.
  • Career and Education Resources for Veterans and Serving Military Members – Veterans have a variety of skills they can use in the civilian workforce. However, they often require support, such as career counselling, networking or help to gain credentials. If you’re a veteran or a currently serving professional of the Canadian Armed Forces, take advantage of programs, resources and organizations to prepare for your civilian life.
  • Coding for Veterans – Learn about courses and services to help you make the transition to the technology sector. An intensive program, Coding for Veterans equips Canadian military veterans with the skills required to enter and succeed in Canada’s technology-based workforce.
  • BCIT Legion Military Skills Conversion Program – Discover a program that helps accelerate and advance the civilian careers of current and former Canadian Armed Forces members. The program helps you build on the knowledge and skills you developed during military service, with education options and career support.