A variety of programs and resources provide help for women who are looking for employment, ranging from mentoring in business development to training in the trades. If you are looking for new employment or want to advance in your career, the resources here can help you find work that offers job satisfaction and independence.

Women in Trades

With a high demand in B.C. for skilled tradespeople, you can build a rewarding career in the trades, including those that have not traditionally hired women. Some programs are designed to get you started in trades.
  • Women in Trades – Get support from the Industry Training Authority training initiative, which helps women get training; find funding and paid apprenticeship opportunities; and match their interests with B.C.’s labour market.
  • Women in Trades Training Service Providers – Find out about programs specifically designed for women interested in a career in the trades.  Several institutions offer trades exploration programs that give you hands-on experience in a variety of different trades using a range of tools and equipment.
Find out what women say about their careers in trades with these personal stories: Find out the range of trades programs you can train for at the Industry Training Authority website.

Women in Science and Technology

Technology drives some of the most dynamic sectors of British Columbia’s economy, creating new employment and career options for women. See how these organizations can support your career in science or technology. Find out what women say about their careers in science and technology with these personal stories:

Women in Business

Many women find employment and a career by creating a business of their own. By establishing a business, you can create employment that you control while building long-term employment opportunities in your own community. Check out these resources to support women in business.
  • Women's Enterprise Centre – Discover essential business services for women starting, purchasing or growing a small business. The Women’s Enterprise Centre offers guidance, skills development, networking and referrals to mentors and other resources and business services in B.C.
  • Forum for Women Entrepreneurs – Find programs and events that support and mentor women who are venturing into new business opportunities or who are ready to grow their existing business.
  • Young Women in Business – Connect with young women who are becoming leaders in business through mentorships and events ranging from case analysis workshops to yoga and style workshops.
  • Women's Enterprise Initiative Loan Program –  Get access to financing for women seeking to start a new business or to expand or purchase an existing business.
 Find out what women say about their careers in business with these personal stories:
  • Jennifer, Vonbon – Discover how a frustrating search led Jennifer to setting up and growing a small business.
  • Tressa, Men in Kilts – Find out why Tressa’s desire to spend time with her family led to a unique business development.
  • Trish, BikeHike Adventures – Learn how Trish spent years leading tours and then decided she could run a business for herself.
  • Ravi and Amy, Bombay Brow Bar – Discover how two sisters grew a business idea from a personal obsession they wanted to share.

Personal Development for Women

Building your confidence and job skills can help you find employment and move ahead in your career. See if these programs for women can help you get the employment you want.
  • Minerva Foundation for BC Women – Find support that helps women and girls gain the confidence and skills they need to prosper and become leaders. The B.C. program offers leadership programs, education awards and culturally-relevant programming developed in partnership with Indigenous women.
  • Bridges for Women – Discover employment training and supportive programs that help women impacted by violence or abuse rebuild their lives and economic stability, with in-person and on-line programs. The program is available to women on southern Vancouver Island and the south Gulf Islands.
  • FOCUS @ Work – Access a free employment program that helps women reconnect with their confidence, strengths, talent and experience, and build connections. Participants develop customized work search strategies to find the right career path and meaningful employment. The program serves women across Metro Vancouver. 
Call or visit your local WorkBC centre for more information about career preparation programs in B.C. Use our interactive map to find a WorkBC Centre in your area.