Learn about apprenticeship training in B.C.

Apprenticeship could be your key to work in more than 100 trades in B.C. Skilled tradespeople continue to be in demand in B.C. The trades offer satisfying, well-paid careers to everyone, including women, immigrants and Indigenous people.

How Apprenticeship Works

Apprenticeship trains people for a wide variety of practical skills, ranging from construction and mechanical trades to hairdressing and outdoor guiding. When you complete the program, you’ll receive a certification or “ticket” allowing you to practice the trade independently.

Apprenticeship programs combine paid on-the-job training with learning in a classroom or shop setting. In most programs, you’ll spend about 85 per cent of the time on the job. Most programs take four years to complete.

In B.C., apprenticeship training is delivered through a partnership of SkilledTradesBC, public or private training institutions, and employers.

To complete your training and become qualified as a certified tradesperson in B.C., you must:
  • Complete the required on-the-job hours and the in-school training.
  • Pass the examinations.
  • Earn the recommendation of your sponsoring employer.
Learn more about apprenticeship from SkilledTradesBC.

Find an Apprenticeship Program

The SkilledTradesBC Programs page allows you to search over 100 B.C. trade programs.

Trades Training BC provides information on the wide range of training programs offered at 14 public post-secondary institutions in B.C. You’ll find start and end dates for programs, programs listed by location and job postings.

The EducationPlannerBC allows you to compare B.C.’s post-secondary options, including apprenticeship programs.

Financial Support

You may be eligible for financial supports during your apprenticeship.

Learn more about the financial supports available for apprentices in British Columbia.