Employment Services

Eligible job seekers can find support through a WorkBC Centre. 

In some cases, financial supports are available. Learn more about what financial supports you may qualify for online or in person at your local WorkBC Centre.

If you are interested in Apprentice services, please access WorkBC Apprentice Services here.

Am I eligible for Employment Services?

To be eligible for Employment Services you must be unemployed or precariously employed and legally allowed to work in British Columbia.

You are considered unemployed if you:

  • are not working
  • are working an average of fewer than twenty (20) hours per week;AND
    • are actively seeking full-time employment
    • are unable to work full-time because of a disability, but want to work more hours
  • have received a notice that you will be laid off soon
  • must leave your current job because of a medical reason
  • are at significant risk of losing your employment because of a disability
  • Full time students are not considered unemployed

You may be considered precariously employed if you are:

  • working in unstable or unsustainable employment (employment unlikely to continue long term), including self-employment; or
  • working, but your total employment/self-employment income is below the poverty threshold for your community; or
  • working in an industry or occupation that is likely to be replaced by technology or automation in the near future; or
  • working in an occupation or profession that is clearly lower than your qualifications or skills and that provides no imminent prospects for advancement; or
  • working, but could have just cause for leaving your employment.

If you are a person with a disability and need help to keep your job, your WorkBC Centre can help you (click here for more information for People with Disabilities).

Assistive Technology or Employment-Related Disability Supports are available to eligible clients to reduce or remove the impact of disability-related employment barriers. Contact these supports to find out how.

What WorkBC Employment Services offers:

  • one to one employment planning
  • group workshops or individual sessions
  • job search services
  • skills enhancement services such as academic upgrading and training
  • customized job placement and work experience placement services for clients with significant barriers to employment
  • self-employment services
  • funding supports for:
    • dependent care
    • transportation to help you get to job interviews
    • purchasing tools (for those who qualify)

Your WorkBC Centre will help you identify what personal supports and services you are eligible to receive and meet your needs.

How do I get started?

You can create an account online today, click here


You can visit a WorkBC Centre directly – find your local WorkBC Centre.