Other wood processing machine operators (NOC 9434)

About this job

Machine operators in this group:

  • run and look after wood processing equipment and machines to remove bark from logs, produce wood chips, preserve and treat wood, and produce waferboards, particleboards, hardboards, insulation boards, plywood, veneers and similar wood products
  • work in sawmills, woodrooms of pulp mills, planing mills, wood treatment plants, waferboard plants and other wood processing plants
Common job titles
  • barker / debarker
  • chip screen / chip mixing
  • core layer
  • dip tank / timber treating tank
  • dryer / drying kiln
  • excelsior machine


Machine operators in this group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • run and look after various wood processing equipment and machines to remove bark, knots and dirt from logs
  • reduce logs or sawmill waste into wood chips or flakes; stack and band lumber; screen wood chips
  • produce waferboards, particleboards, hardboards and insulation boards
  • run and look after conveyors, lathes, sanding machines and other equipment to peel and slice veneer from logs and log sections, and to glue, press, trim, sand and splice veneer sheets
  • run and look after kilns, treating tanks and other equipment to dry lumber and other wood products, and to treat chemically and soak wood products with preservatives
  • watch equipment, panel indicators, video monitors, and other instruments to detect malfunctions and make sure that processes are operating according to specifications
  • put together plywood panels and repair plywood and veneer mechanically or manually
  • start up, shut down, set up, adjust and help maintain processing equipment and machines as needed
  • complete and maintain production reports

Work environment

Key aspects of the work in this occupation:

  • Work takes place in a regular controlled indoor environment.
  • Work also takes place in an indoor setting where the temperature or humidity may vary greatly from normal room conditions.
  • Workers may be exposed to chemicals and preservatives that may be harmful.
  • The workplace may contain flying particles such as wood chips and airborne particles such as sawdust.
  • Working with equipment, instruments, machinery or power/hand tools may be a source of injury.
  • Workers may be exposed to steam or to intensely hot surfaces that are potential sources of injury.
  • The workplace may contain strong or toxic odours.
  • Noise in the workplace may cause distraction or hearing loss.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

There is some movement among jobs in this group.

Progression to other positions in the wood, pulp and paper industries is possible with experience.

Additional resources

Additional resources are not currently available for this career.