Sector Labour Market Partnerships Reports

Learn how B.C. industries are coming together to define and address their workforce challenges. Sector Labour Market Partnerships reports are posted on the pages below as each project phase is completed.

The SLMP program funds five types of projects. These projects include engagement and planning, research, strategy development, implementation and evaluation. Additional information on project types can be found on SLMP projects. 

Disclaimer: All documents on this page are in PDF format. Please ensure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view them. If you have issues opening these reports, please contact SLMP at

2020 to 2021

Centre of Training Excellence in Mining Skills Roadmap – July 2021

Strategy Development
SkillSource BC Implementation Strategy – March 2021 
BC Wood Specialties Group Strategic Plan – August 2021

Strategy Implementation
Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC Strategy Report – March 2021
Manufacturing Safety Alliance Occupational Health and Safety Competency Framework – March 2021
Quadrant Marine Institute Strategy – May 2021


Engagement and Planning
Construction Foundation of BC Multi-Sector Youth Engagement Report – February 2019 

Western Convenience Store Industry Labour Market Research – June 2019
BC Motion Picture Industry Labour Market Study – July 2019  
Chartered Professional Accountants of BC Accounting for Change Report – September 2019 


Engagement and Planning
North Island College Film Initiative Report – June 2018 
BC Roundtable Engagement on BC's Forestry Sector Training Needs – October 2018 

Harbour Digital Media LMP Summary Report – March 2018 
BC Aerospace Industries Association of Canada Labour Market Study – April 2018
Harbour Digital Media Labour Market Information Report – April 2018 
BC Agricultural Horticulture Landscape Sector Information Report – July 2018 
BC World of Concrete Labour Market Research Report – October 2018 

Strategy Development
Electrical Joint Training Committee Comprehensive Strategy – January 2018 
Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC Strategy Development and Sustainability Plan – August 2018 
Building Owners and Managers Association of BC Sector Talent Strategy – August 2018 
BC Centre for Training Excellence in Mining Strategy Development – October 2018
Association of British Columbia Marine Industries Labour Market Strategy – November 2018
BC Wood Specialties Group Labour Market Information Report – December 2018 

Strategy Implementation
North Island College Film Initiative Report – June 2018 
Forest Safety Council Forestry Pilot Report – August 2018 


Engagement and Planning
BC Landscape, Arborist & Turf Industry Sector Engagement Report – January 2017 
BC Agricultural Horticulture Sector Engagement Report – February 2017 
Construction Foundation of BC Engagement Plan – March 2017 
North Central BC Manufacturing Engagement Report – March 2017
Western Convenience Store Industry Engagement Report – March 2017
BC First Nations Forestry Council Sector Engagement Report – April 2017
BC Food and Beverage Manufacturing and Processing Engagement Report – August 2017 
BC World of Concrete Sector Engagement Report – September 2017
First Nations Technology Council Indigenous Engagement and Leadership in Technology – December 2017

BC International Shipping Industry Information Study – January 2017
Mining Industry Labour Market Outlook for B.C. Report – February 2017
Women in Trades BC Enhancing Retention and Advancement Report – February 2017
Building Owners and Managers Association BC Labour Market Research Study – March 2017 
Electrical Joint Training Committee Mentorship Project – March 2017 
Occupational Health and Safety Profession in BC’s Manufactory Sector Research Report – July 2017
Construction Foundation of BC Environmental Scan – October 2017
Women in Trades BC Environmental Scan – November 2017 

Strategy Development
Vancouver Island/Coastal Region Manufacturing Strategy – January 2017
BC Forest Sector Strategic Plan – January 2017
BC Water & Wastewater Sector Workforce Strategy – March 2017 
Vancouver Economic Commission Technology Talent Strategy Development – March 2017 
BC Apparel Sector Workforce Strategy – August 2017
BC Technology Sector Diversity & Inclusion Report – November 2017 

Strategy Implementation
Women in Trades BC Priorities and Implementation Options Program Matrix – March 2017
BC Wood Products Sector Engagement Report – July 2017 


Engagement and Planning
Construction Industry Training Network Engagement Report  January 2016
Vancouver Economic Commission Technology Engagement Report – January 2016 
Building Owners and Managers Association BC Engagement Report – March 2016 
BC Manufacturing Sector Safety Alliance Engagement Report – July 2016
BC Aerospace Industry Sector Engagement Report – November 2016
BC Industrial Marine Sector Engagement Report – September 2016
BC Meat Processing Sector Engagement Report – December 2016

BC Technology Sector TechTalentBC Report – April 2016
BC Tourism Labour Shortage Economic Impact Summary Report – May 2016
BC Tourism Labour Shortage Economic Impact Technical Report – May 2016
Cook Labour Market Analysis Report – June 2016 
Vancouver Island Manufacturing Sector Research Report Phase 2 – August 2016
BC Apparel Industry Research Report – September 2016

2012 to 2015 

Engagement and Planning
BC Apparel Industry Sector Engagement Report – December 2015
Vancouver Island Manufacturing Sector Engagement Report Phase 1 – December 2015

BC Shipbuilding & Repair Industry Research Report – June 2012

Strategy Development
BC Water & Wastewater Sector Workforce Profile – December 2015 
BC Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Industry Career Kit – June 2014
BC Viticulture Industry Strategy Report – September 2012