STE: Young Adults at Risk

This program supports young adults at risk, who are not employment ready, so they can obtain sustainable employment. This may include current or former youth in care.

The program provides employment supports and skills training that are based on the needs of the participant, to help them overcome barriers to employment and give them the skills they need to succeed.

Eligible Participants

The program stream is primarily* open to unemployed or precariously employed young adults aged 18−24 who are generally not employment ready—meaning they lack some of the necessary skills to seek, obtain, and keep a job once hired—and face one or more barriers to employment:
  • Housing instability
  • Prior criminal justice involvement
  • Incomplete high school education
  • Recovering from addiction 
  • Mental health challenges
*Additional eligibility requirements may apply, depending on the program type and/or the specific services and training offered.


Programs include skills training and employment supports to obtain sustainable employment. Employment supports address barriers to participation in skills training and employment. Examples include counselling, mentoring, child care, transportation, disability supports, work experience, wage subsidies and equipment.

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