Computer and information systems managers (NOC 0213)

High opportunity occupation

About this job

Computer and information systems managers plan and oversee computer and information systems. They work for companies that design, develop and manage computer and telecommunications software, networks and information systems in both the private and public sector.

Common job titles
  • administrator, internet systems
  • computer legacy systems manager
  • co-ordinator, computer department
  • director, information systems
  • head, computer development division
  • help desk manager - information technology (IT)


In general, computer and information systems managers:

  • Create and carry out plans for computer systems operations and development
  • Meet with clients, department heads and senior staff to work out the company’s computer and information systems needs, including cost
  • Explain why a company should start a computer and information systems project and help to get approval for the project
  • Build and manage teams to design, develop and manage computer and telecommunications software, networks and information systems
  • Ensure the security of the organization's network and electronic documents
  • Manage the budget of the project or department
  • Prepare and discuss contracts and services
  • Hire employees and oversee their training
  • Come up with ideas to design, develop and put information systems and data warehouses in place

Work environment

People in this career usually work in an office and may work with or lead a team of people with varied backgrounds, experience and skills. Some team members may be in different offices, cities or even countries.

Computer and information systems managers should be able to manage teams virtually and hold meetings via conference call or video conferencing.

People in this job need to stay current with technology, understand how the system will be used and, depending on the project, understand government regulations.

Insights from industry

This job involves more than managing technical team members on a project. Computer information systems managers are the go-between for senior management, clients and the technical workers. People in this career must understand the technology and be able to see business problems and opportunities.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

With experience, people in this position may move into senior leadership roles such as senior systems manager, information technology director or vice-president of technology.

Additional resources