Mail, postal and related workers (NOC 1511)

High opportunity occupation

About this job

Mail, postal and related workers process and sort mail and parcels. They work in post offices, mail processing plants as well as internal mail rooms of private companies and institutions. They may also serve customers and record transactions at retail postal outlets.

People with this job are employed by Canada Post Corporation, courier and parcel express services as well as private and public sector organizations, such as government, courts, hospitals and large corporations.
Common job titles
  • assistant, mail room
  • clerk, express mail / registered mail
  • clerk, filing - mail / letter sorting
  • clerk, management services clerk
  • clerk, railway station mail / shipping
  • clerk, search / mail tracing


Postal workers:

  • Calculate the amount of postage needed, label letters, parcels and registered mail, as well as receive payment from customers
  • Sell stamps, prepaid mail and courier envelopes and money orders
  • Direct mail to the proper delivery route
  • Get signatures for registered or special delivery mail and keep records
  • Answer questions and complete forms on change of address or lost or stolen mail
  • Record and balance daily transactions

Mail sorters:

  • Sort mail based on destination
  • Bundle, label, bag and direct mail to the proper delivery route
  • May need to search directories to find the correct address for redirected mail

Related (mail room) workers:

  • Receive, process, sort and distribute incoming/outgoing mail, faxes, messages as well as courier packages
  • Maintain address databases and produce personalized mailings
  • Print and photocopy material
  • Address and stuff envelopes
  • Weigh outgoing mail, calculate and use proper postage, and bundle by postal code
  • May operate and maintain print shop and mailing house equipment

Work environment

Postal workers do their jobs inside post offices or in postal outlets located in stores. Mail sorters and mail room workers may work in post offices, in mail processing plants or in mail rooms of busy large companies. Work may be full-time, part-time or seasonal. Shift work may be required on nights and weekends. In smaller postal outlets, workers may have to work alone.

Mail, postal and related workers use technology to prepare parcels and courier items for shipping as well as to track sales. People with these jobs must be able to lift heavy bags of mail and stand for most of their shift. Some workers may need to wear a uniform which the employer supplies.

Insights from industry

New technology continues to make these careers more automated. People communicate more through email and social media, which has decreased the demand for workers in these jobs. However, purchasing products online continues to grow in popularity and this trend may help to keep or create job openings. 

Technology is used more than ever as shipping is done with real-time tracking. This allows mail and postal workers to go online to trace where mail items are in the system. Having the ability to learn and use this technology is an asset for people in this career.

People in these careers serve customers, so it’s important to have good communication, sales, marketing and customer service skills.

Canada Post offers training to workers who are interested in moving to supervisor or management positions. Corporate postal jobs are in high demand and may be more difficult to get because many people apply for them.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

These jobs are considered entry level and individuals can expect to work on a part-time or casual basis before moving to full-time work. With additional training or experience, workers may be promoted to supervisory or facility management positions.

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