Landscaping and grounds maintenance labourers (NOC 8612)

About this job

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Landscaping and grounds maintenance labourers:

  • assist in the construction of landscapes and related structures
  • maintain lawns, gardens, athletic fields, golf courses, cemeteries, parks, landscaped interiors and other landscaped areas.
  • work for landscaping and lawn care companies, golf courses, cemeteries, and landscaping operations of public works departments and private establishments.
Common job titles
  • groundskeeper, stadium
  • landscaping
  • lawn care
  • sod laying
  • groundskeeper, stadium
  • landscaping
  • lawn care
  • sod laying


Landscaping and grounds maintenance labourers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • spread top soil; lay sod; plant flowers, grass, shrubs and trees; and perform other duties to help with the construction of a landscape and related structures
  • cut, rake, fertilize and water lawns; weed gardens; prune shrubs and trees; and perform other maintenance duties as directed by supervisor
  • maintain lawns and grass along roadsides
  • operate and maintain power mowers, tractors, snowblowers, chain saws, electric clippers, sod cutters, pruning saws and other landscape maintenance equipment
  • spray and dust trees, shrubs, lawns and gardens, as directed, to control insects and disease
  • do other manual duties to clean and maintain landscaped environments

Work environment

Key aspects of the work in this occupational group:

  • Work takes place outdoors in various weather conditions.
  • Workers may be exposed to chemicals such as pesticides.
  • Working with machinery and power tools can be a source of injury.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Progression to technical or supervisory occupations in landscaping and horticulture is possible with additional training or experience.

Additional resources

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