Industrial sewing machine operators (NOC 9446)

About this job

Industrial sewing machine operators:

  • operate sewing machines to sew fabric, fur, leather or synthetic materials to produce or repair garments and other articles.
  • work for clothing, footwear, textile products, fur products establishments and other manufacturing establishments and by furriers.
Common job titles
  • blindstitch-sewing hemmer
  • buttonhole maker
  • carpet binder / sewer / mender
  • fabric mender / repairer
  • fancy stitch machine
  • footwear manufacturing


Industrial sewing machine operators:

  • put together pieces of garments by matching patterns and dye lots
  • run single, double or multi-needle serging, flat bed felling, banding and other sewing machines, to join sections of garments or other articles into finished products on a piece-work or production basis
  • operate fur sewing machines to join fur pelt strips to required size and shape and join pelts into garment sections or shells
  • run stitching machines to sew leather parts together for leather garments, handbags, shoes and other leather articles
  • operate serging machines to sew and overcast edges of material simultaneously
  • run tackers, pocketsetters, buttonhole makers and fusing, hemmer and other machines to perform various operations in the fabrication of garments and other articles
  • examine garments and operate sewing machines, sergers and other machines to repair garments and other articles during the manufacturing process
  • complete production reports
  • may do minor maintenance and repairs on sewing machine

Work environment

Key aspects of the work in this occupation:

  • Work takes place in a regular controlled indoor environment.
  • Working with equipment, instruments, machinery or power/hand tools can be a source of injury.
  • The workplace may contain airborne particles such as textile dust.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Sewing machine operators may progress to supervisory positions with experience.

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