Green economy

The world’s economy is seeing a profound shift toward green technologies and skills, particularly in the areas of alternative and renewable energy, energy efficiency and green building.  B.C. businesses have already shown world-leading strengths in these areas.

B.C.’s natural resources will continue to provide a competitive advantage in the green economy, particularly with the province’s abundance of low-carbon natural resources such as hydro, wind, wave energy and biomass.

The B.C. Sustainable Energy Association brings together a wide range of businesses participating in the green economy.

Find out how companies in B.C. and across Canada are building sustainable green businesses. Read success stories and share knowledge at Green Business Canada.

Discover how to make your business greener and more energy efficient though Power Smart programs and incentives. You can get more resources for greening your business from the Canada Business Network.
Read more about B.C.’s strategy for Technology and the Green Economy.