Workforce Development Agreement and Annual Reports

The Workforce Development Agreement (WDA or Agreement) provides funding for labour market programming in B.C. in the amount of $685 million over six years.

Under this Agreement, the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training (AEST) works with a network of service delivery agencies, employers, industry organizations and communities to deliver skills training programs and services including: 

Annual reports

The WDA requires B.C. to publish labour market program outcomes each fiscal year. These public reports highlight how B.C.’s investment in skills training programs and other supports translate into beneficial outcomes for British Columbians. Summary report highlights are provided in the document below:

2018/19 Rural-Urban Report

The 2018/19 Rural-Urban Report is the first of a series of thematic reports that highlight key outcomes from AEST WDA programs.

The report examines 7,880 British Columbians who participated in WDA-funded STPVU programs during the 2018-19 fiscal year and summarizes participants’ outcomes from a rural-urban perspective.

The report shows that programs achieved their goal to help participants in both rural and urban areas become employment-ready and secure labour market attachment.

Specifically, the programs helped participants:

  • Improve their skills.
  • Progress along the employment continuum.
  • Improve their employment situation.
Download the 2018/19 Rural-Urban Report (PDF).