High Opportunity Occupations

Discover occupations in B.C. that are expected to offer the best opportunities over the next 10 years.

High opportunity occupations are those that are expected to experience higher demand and offer higher pay compared to other occupations.

The British Columbia Labour Market Outlook: 2021 Edition (PDF) provides a list of high opportunity occupations for B.C. and for the seven economic regions. High opportunity occupations are identified by answering the four key questions:
       1. How many job opportunities will be available?
           (The number of job openings and the strength in employment growth)
       2. How easy will it be to get a job in the future?
           (Forecast labour market tightness)
       3. How easy is it to get a job now?
           (Most recent unemployment and employment insurance rates)
       4. How much is the wage? 
           (Current wage rate)

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  • WAGE RATE: For occupations with a “*”, the annual wage rate is provided, as the hourly wage rate is not available.